In an ever changing market place, it’s important to ensure your salon is offering new and innovative ideas.
Cosmedico have produced the Rainbow lamp range.
0.3 compliant but with a maximum UVB in order to generate that all important ‘Heat’ Factor.

Four colours in the range each with it’s own purpose. .
Electric Blue for High UVA tanning Performance.
Party Pink for Skin Rejuvenation and effective melanin production
Sizzling Yellow for Vitamin D Production
Rapid green for Relaxation, Good Health and Stress Relief.

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​Without doubt Cosmedico is the worlds leading supplier for UV tanning lamps. With forty years experience, the lamp quality and technical support is second to none. The Cosmedico Cosmofit 0.3 range of lamps has been produced to ensure there is an 0.3 solution for virtually every make and model of tanning equipment on the market today.  When changing to 0.3 compliant lamps you need to ensure you purchase the very best in terms of performance and longevity of life. Buy Cosmofit and you are ensuring effectivity and a deeper longer lasting tan. Market leading Cosmedico 10k100 lamps are the most effective tanning lamps you can buy! Produced using a special phosphor blend, which produces the increased reddening effect, immediate pigmentation and the deepest, longer lasting tan. No other lamp come close!

​The Storm lamps are German manufactured and offer effective, consistant tanning, within 0.3 compliance. The lamps feature a high level of UVB, producing fast immediate pigmentation. Suitable for tanning equipment from 40-60 tubes, from 160-200w. This high performance tanning range is also competitively priced and therefore is certainly a range to consider when retubing with 0.3.

​The ‘Rainbow Waves’. Available in Party Pink, Rapid Green and Sizzling Yellow, it’s a colour splash sensation. Alternate these lamps in your vertical tanning equipment and create a uniquely effective look. Suitable for use mainly in verticals, from 180-230w, this is a fabulous way to offer something different. The lamps feature a 20% higher output in UVA , using high quality phosphors and UVB emissions to ensure your customers experience the ‘Heat Factor’ and one of the best tans they will ever have!

Cosmedico Range

​Due to new technology at the German factory. Cosmedico have produced a unique lasered wave lamp. Using only the highest quality phosphors in both Vitalising Blue and Sunset Red Versions, the lamps offer an increased reddening effect, immediate pigmentation and tanning Perfection. Retube your tanning equipment with the Cosmedico Wildwave and increase your profits!  Available in 160w, 180w and 225w version. Suitable for use with variable electronic ballasts.

Storm by HN Sunlight

WildWave by Cosmedico

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Rainbow by Cosmedico

Rainbow Wave by Cosmedico

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