Our Tanning Beds

All our equipment is fitted with the latest 0.3 regulation lamps

We only use the very latest lamps to ensure you get the best possible tan and care for your skin, all our equipment is configured differently so your tan can be as individual as you are!

We change our lamps well before the manufacturer’s guide lines to keep you looking your best what ever time of the year.

Evolution 500 Turbo


  • Body Lamps: 43 x 160W

  • Face Lamps: 3 x 500W

  • Shoulder Tanners: 7 x 25W *optional

  • Ambient light

  • Hot air extract

  • Adjustable face tanners

  • Intuitive control panel

Lounge Vertical Tanner


  • Body Lamps: 50 x 200W

  • Adjustable cooling fans

  • Stereo sound system

  • Built in changing pod

Affinity 700 Hybrid Power


  • Body Lamps: 46 x 160W Advanced Performance

  • 3Ultra Performance Plus technology with 3 facial tanners and 2 additional UV-B 0.3 spaghetti lamps guarantee optimum tanning performance

  • Neck Tanners: 6x25w

  • Aqua Spray

  • AirCon - Climatronic

  • Stereo sound system complete with MP3 player

Excellence 700 & 880


  • Body Lamps: 50 x 160W

  • Face Lamps: 4 x 500W

  • Shoulder Tanners: 7x25W

  • Neck Tanners: 6x25W

  • Smart Power

  • Aqua Spray

  • Aroma

  • AirCon - Climatronic

  • Sound System

  • Voice Guide

Avantgarde 600


  • Body Lamps: 47 x 160W

  • Face Lamps: 4 x 500W

  • Shoulder Lamps: 7 x 25W

  • Air conditioning

  • Hot air extract

  • Music system

V7 Diamond


  • Body Lamps: 48 x 180W (200cm)

  • Music System

  • Adjustable Body Ventilation

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services or equipment please feel free to contact us.

Email us at: mail@ultravioletuk.com

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